Sunday, January 5, 2014

Austin's Pay it Forward

What does "Pay it Forward" mean.

Pay it Forward is when someone does something good to you, you do an act of kindness to someone else so then that person does an act of kindness to another person and so it is like a chain reaction of good deeds.

What I did.

My Pay it Forward act of kindness was except for shopping for groceries we made a different list of food items that the Siloam Mission needs.

Why I did this.

I chose to do this activity because I was sitting down thinking if what I should do for this project because I had no clue on what to do so I asked my family for some help and my dad said that he's going shopping for groceries. I got an idea from what he said and so I asked him if I could dress up as super hero and give cheese burgers to homeless people, but my dad said no. My dad told me that I should donate to some sort of charity or food bank so we decided to go grocery shopping for the Siloam Mission.

Who I helped.

I helped a lot of people who have no money, no home, and people who have no one to go to because there is a ton of people who rely on the people who run Siloam Mission.

When I did this.

I did my act of kindness on New Year's Eve because instead of celebrating I did something good.

After my Act of Kindness.

My act of kindness went pretty well but I wish I did something bigger but I'm happy for what I've done.

Not too much happened, we went shopping dropped off the food items and we thanked the Siloam Mission and they thanked us.

The people at Siloam Mission were very delighted to see us donate to them. Their reaction was expected by me because I knew they would be happy.

I did no tell the people of Siloam Mission to Pay it Forward.

We never told them why we were doing this and they had no idea of my project because I never told them.

The reason I did not ask them to Pay it Forward is because it seems like they're already paying it forward because the Siloam Mission is meant to help out the people who NEED help.

Why is this Important.

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because a lot of bad things happen all around Earth and it makes us look like terrible people. Paying it Forward sort of balances it out so that we think that the world isn't a bad place after all.

My act of kindness did make a difference, any act of kindness can make a difference.


Here is a video of me grocery shopping with my family at Costco.
I apologize for the black box I couldn't resize the video to fit.

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